Are you a small group or organisation in Devon or Cornwall?

Local Rotary Clubs are offering you a proven way to raise money in a Rotary-sponsored community raffle.

Otter Valley Rotary Club and The South West Peninsula e-Club have got together to organise and run a ‘super raffle’ specifically to help those smaller groups and organisations in their areas who find it difficult to support and sustain their own activities.

Local organisations have raised over £700,000 in
Rotary Raffles in Devon & Cornwall.
You could join them!

The idea is that groups or organisations ask us for as many raffle tickets as they need. All they have to do then is sell them.
At the end of the raffle, Rotary asks for 10% of money raised and the organisations keep the rest.
The raffle tickets sell for £1 each, so if an organisation asks for, say, 100 tickets and sells them all – it immediately raises £90 for itself.
It is a very simple method of helping community groups, who often have limited fundraising ability, to help themselves. The name (and logo if available) of your group or organisation is printed on your tickets, so they can be readily identified with your fundraising. Tickets are available for sale from May until end-October, with the draw being held in November.
The Top prize is £1,000 cash and there will be other cash prizes as well.

If you are interested in taking part, or if you just want to talk it over, please contact us as soon as possible.  
You will be sent further information, so that you can add the raffle to your fundraising plans.

Click here for more about who’s sponsoring the raffle.
The Rotary clubs have arranged – and are fully responsible for – organising the draw, sponsorship, legalities, printing and distribution of tickets and final presentations.

Contact your local Rotary Club to apply to take part

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Terms and Conditions of the Raffle